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Our Story

Our company mission is to develop high-tech solutions that bring out the beauty and life of our world's precious ocean resources for us and our families to cherish and protect. Through multiple design iterations and clever engineering - our comfortable, smart, and user-friendly Snorkel Masks have made it possible to explore our oceans like never before. 
Our revolutionary Explorer Pro Snorkel Mask is a clear, anti-fog, full-face mask that solves all the typical problems that come with snorkeling. The ergonomic curvature and full-face coverage are designed for maximum range of vision and comfort for a truly immersive snorkeling experience. 

Unlike traditional, old fashioned single chamber snorkels - our extra long breathing apparatus features an innovative two-way air flow chambering system to completely remove build ups of concentrated carbon dioxide from exhalation away from the inhalation chamber. This system allows for much more oxygen to reach the lungs which result in less fatigue and safer experience for children or beginner Snorkelers.

The mask is compartmentalized around the mouth to prevent fog and moisture build-up for clear vision and comfort for extended periods of usage. And to bring the joy and experience to others -  an integrated action camera mount lets you attach your favorite devices to capture your own personal experience to share with the family in the first person.

Swim. Love. Live the Ocean.